Magic Leap 2 Unboxing at Knoxlabs: The Most Immersive #Enterprise #AR Device

This was the most awesome video we shot. Here’s the Magic Leap 2 unboxing with some legends in their prospective fields.

In the ring tonight – We have:

✨ Arguably, pound for pound, the most immersive #AR enterprise heavy(lightest device on the market, at 260g) weight champion of the world, the one and only Magic Leap, with their latest headset, the ML2.

The #ML2 is a true augmented reality device – it lays digital content right on top of the real world through transparent optics, it does not need passthrough cameras to recycle them photons on screens – oh, no – #photons hit direct to eye. This means content is integrated into user’s view where and when it is needed.

Purpose-built & bred for enterprise use, its open platform and industry-leading technology and features are designed to run transformative #enterprise solutions.

This is by far the easiest device to wear, users adapt immediately with little training, and there is absolutely little chance of any motion sickness (unless you’re the competition in the rind). It’s cameras and #ToF sensor generate over 300,000 precise #3D points to map your environment down to the millimeter. Tiny & mighty with:

Magic Leap 2 AR Headset

Magic Leap 2 – Most immersive enterprise AR device

🚀 4x Eye Tracking Cameras
🔥 14 core computer vision processing engine (CVIP)
✔️ 120 Hz refresh rate (blink & the ML2 is there)
🛸 70° diagonal FOV

Shop ML2

And YES, persistent spatial mapping + Dynamic Dimming #technology makes AR content more legible & solid across a variety of lighting conditions.

Our champion is home brewed & manufactured in Florida, welcome to the new era of industry-grade #spatialcomputing.

✨In the immediate starting corner, due middle, we have Maarten Witteveen, the the co-founder & president of North America of MANUS™. Manus develops the world’s best data gloves for use in real-time #XR & motion capture. Their latest, the Quantum Metagloves has introduced a new magnetic tracking approach, offering unparalleled accurate finger tracking, especially when it comes to fingertip interactions either for picking up small objects in #VR or with physical objects such as props or mixed reality tools.

✨Following the Netherlands based Manus w/ their famous orange team colors, is the talented Royce Adkins, director & digital creator of fun & educational content using the latest in motion capture. He is a master of #mocap, utilizing the latest in full body tracking by Movella | #Xsens, & some wizardry using the Manus gloves.

Check him out on YT –

✨Picking up the duo, is the sound bender & singer, Joey Diggs Jr. (

✨Coming up with a strong left camera and production hook is our very own, lord of #XR marketing, Robert Harutyunyan.

💫 And making all this possible & an absolute blast, is the truly magical team of John C.Nanna Skowronski Lamelas, MBAPeggy CrespinJennifer Hicks.

Hope you enjoyed the show, & hope to see you where the video continues on

Watch the Magic Leap 2 Unboxing in ASMR ‘What’s in the Box’ Video by Knoxlabs

To experience the thrill of unboxing the Magic Leap 2 firsthand, we invite you to watch our ASMR-style ‘What’s in the Box’ video. Dive into the sensory experience and get a closer look at what makes this device a game-changer in AR technology.

Stay connected with Knoxlabs AR Highlights for more insights and exciting developments in the ever-evolving world of augmented reality. The Magic Leap 2 isn’t just a step forward in AR technology; it’s a gateway into a world brimming with untapped potential and endless possibilities.

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