Lenovo Announces the Worldwide Release of ThinkReality VRX: A Leap into Next-Generation VR

Ahead of AWE USA 2023, Lenovo has unveiled the much-anticipated ThinkReality™ VRX, a cutting-edge all-in-one virtual reality (VR) headset designed for enterprise applications. Available now in select markets worldwide, this compact six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) VR device is a power-packed end-to-end solution that is ready to revolutionize training, collaboration, and 3D design in the business world.

A Compact Powerhouse for Enterprise Applications

Built for the enterprise sector, the ThinkReality VRX offers a new level of immediacy and fidelity in extended reality (XR) devices. The versatile headset combines a slim profile and a full-color, high-resolution pass-through capability for mixed reality applications. Powering this advanced system is the Snapdragon® XR2+ Gen 1 processor, promising robust performance and seamless operation.

Beyond the hardware, Lenovo’s comprehensive suite of end-to-end services supports the ThinkReality VRX, ensuring organizations can fully utilize the VR device and achieve faster return on investment.

Secure and Comfortable: Tailored for Business

Lenovo’s focus on business demands extends to the VRX’s construction, featuring hygienic materials and purpose-built design for prolonged and reliable use. Moreover, the device caters to enterprise-grade security requirements with a protected supply chain and manufacturing process.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the VRX incorporates various design advancements such as innovative pancake optics and optimal battery placement for balanced weight distribution. Additionally, a unique venting system channels heat away from the user’s face, ensuring comfort during extended VR sessions.

ThinkReality VRX Key Specs

ProcessorSnapdragon XR2+ Gen 1
Operating SystemAndroid 12
Storage128 GB
OpticsPancake lenses
Resolution2280 X 2280 per eye
Field Of Vision95°
Refresh Rate70/90Hz
Pass-throughStereo full color HD passthrough cameras
Tracking4-camera 6DoF optical tracking
AudioIntegrated speakers, dual microphone, 3.5mm jack
Controller type6DoF controllers, hand tracking, headset buttons
Battery6900 mAh USB-C charging, rear placement
PCStreaming Wi-Fi/USB-C streaming
MaterialsFully wipeable surfaces

Expanding the XR Ecosystem

As part of Lenovo’s commitment to growing the Enterprise Metaverse, the ThinkReality VRX can be leveraged with Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform and its OpenXR-based SDK. This facilitates developers to create innovative experiences that push the boundaries of spatial computing.

In collaboration with various XR developers, Lenovo is enabling cutting-edge applications on the ThinkReality VRX. The most prominent enterprise VR use cases currently include immersive training and collaboration in 3D environments.

The ThinkReality VRX is now available starting at $1,299 in select markets worldwide. For more details, or to schedule a demo at AWE USA 2023, visit the ThinkReality VRX web page or contact a local Lenovo sales representative.

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