Varjo Academic Program: Advancing Education with Immersive Technologies

As technology continues to transform the way we live and work, educational institutions are embracing new tools to enhance the learning experience for students. Virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) technologies have shown great potential in revolutionizing the way we teach and learn, and Varjo is at the forefront of this innovation.

Varjo’s New Academic Year, August 15 – August 31

This year, Varjo, in partnership with Knoxlabs VR Marketplace, is launching a campaign focused on advancing immersive technologies in academia and professional sectors. The campaign offers exclusive discounts on Varjo’s premium VR/MR headsets, including the Aero for $1492.50, as well as 20% off XR-3 and VR-3.

By leveraging Varjo’s advanced VR/MR headsets, academics can collaborate in photorealistic immersive environments, objectively measure student and participant performance with integrated eye tracking, and create scalable and repeatable research setups and scenarios with ease.

Special Offer for Academic Institutions and Businesses

Varjo, in collaboration with Knoxlabs VR Marketplace, is pleased to offer the following discounts:

  • Aero for $1492.50: Perfect for academic applications, this offer extends to professional gamers and flight simulators.
  • 20% off XR-3 and VR-3: Suitable for industries requiring immersive technologies for training and simulation.

Applications of Varjo’s Technology in Education and Research

Healthcare & Medical

Varjo’s advanced eye-tracking technology is helping researchers and doctors to better understand brain disorders, providing insights that can lead to earlier detection and more effective treatments.

Training & Simulation

Varjo’s ultra-high resolution and field-of-view is making it possible to simulate highly complex scenarios, such as pilot training, with an unprecedented level of realism and accuracy.

Sim Racing

Varjo’s VR headsets are creating unforgettable sim racing experiences for motorsports enthusiasts, providing an immersive and highly realistic environment for drivers.

Production Design

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB), an esteemed European art institution, has collaborated with Varjo to design a full set production for its visually stunning Turandot opera that premiered on January 27, 2023.

Advantages of Immersive Technologies in Education

In the academic realm, immersive technologies are helping to redefine the way we teach and learn. By using Varjo’s VR/MR headsets, educators can create highly engaging and immersive learning environments that enable students to learn faster and retain information more effectively. Additionally, immersive technologies can help prepare students for real-world experiences at a lower cost by supplementing traditional training with immersive learning experiences.

How to Apply for the Varjo Academic Program

If you’re an academic interested in incorporating immersive technologies in your research, education, or training efforts, consider applying for the Varjo Academic Program. As a partner of VarjoKnoxlabs VR Marketplace can help facilitate the application process and provide additional support and guidance to help you get the most out of this exciting opportunity.

To apply for the program, simply visit Knoxlabs VR Marketplace and complete the application form by April 30th. Once approved, you’ll have access to significant discounts and complimentary setup support for Varjo VR-3 and Varjo XR-3 headsets and services.

The Varjo Academic Program is an exciting opportunity for academic institutions to incorporate immersive technologies in their research, education, and training efforts. With Varjo’s advanced VR/MR headsets, educators can create highly engaging and immersive learning environments that enable students to learn faster and retain information more effectively. If you’re an academic interested in this opportunity, be sure to apply for the Varjo Academic Program through Knoxlabs VR Marketplace by April 30th.

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